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I think I have had one too many.

John can't speak French well. A standard 12 oz can of cola contains 39g of sugar. Alain looked as if he hadn't shaved for a week. "Are you sure you want me to tell you?" "Please, I'm all ears!" Our teacher looks very young. Not even death can save you from me. The situation resulted in violence. When Stanislaw was a kid, he used to pretend he was playing the drums by tapping his fingers on the kitchen table, to the great irritation of his father. It wasn't the first time that Giovanni had been late.

It's time to carry out the plan.

I'm pretty sure he likes me. I don't have an air conditioner in my house. Leila jumped off the cliff into the river below. We can't both be right. And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail. The family never had enough money for vacations. The door to Stu's room was closed. Why didn't you tell us this before? Girls are often judged by how attractive they are. If you abuse your computer, it won't work well.

Could you sort this list so that it's in alphabetical order? You should come to class on time. They will be evicted in July. How would you translate this? She was a bridesmaid at the wedding. My mom looked funny with a mud mask on her face and rollers in her hair. They feasted on lobster and steak. I went to the city yesterday, but I'm not going today nor will I tomorrow. He puts effort to his craftsmanship. Tait had everything he wanted.

His statement raised havoc. Speaking French isn't easy. Please don't say "I told you so." We've improved a lot. I'm a little low on cash right now.

Spudboy wants to get a driver's license. Could you tell how to get to the nearest supermarket? I like that chick. Please bring your intermediate examination certificate with you to the first day of class. I know this isn't easy. I must finish this work by the day after tomorrow. I don't think Sriram can swim. He is trying to keep up with the current of the times.

If you leave it to him, it'll be all right. Do you know why that happens? I finished translating for today. I've already done the hard part. Something is wrong with this word processor. She was completely nonplussed by his unexpected behavior. They had cleared the obstacle from the road.

Read this first. How do you feel? His speech was lacking in soul. Michael Jackson was the most famous singer in the United States. Debi promised he'd take care of that. Why did you say that to them? Meeks will like this game. Was anyone hurt in the train crash?

I can't be seen wearing the same dress as Ed. Hasn't Kate arrived yet? Inventors and geniuses have almost always been looked on as no better than fools at the beginning of their career, and very frequently at the end of it also. How old are your children? I just hope Adlai takes your advice. I failed to put film in my camera. An expert is a specialist who knows everything about something and nothing about anything else. The town is in a mountainous district. Little did I dream that we would expand our business to the U.S.

Juan needed some food. She was burning to tell the secret. I grasped the whole meaning of the book by reading. Meg is preparing breakfast. It's an infection. I'm looking for a sweater. Do you have any peppermint candy? Once a man came to the house to kill my father. Jerrie was beginning to wish he had stayed in the navy. That was my understanding.

I've got to run to the bank. Those who have a long hair own a hairdrier. He is by nature a kind person and is popular with the children in his neighborhood. Do you know what he said? He does not get up early. We can derive great pleasure from books. Let's get out.

You mustn't touch it. My brother was killed in a traffic accident. Why aren't you interested? He is regretting his action. I'll call this evening at seven. You invite us every year. The doctors did all they could to control Martin's disease but, sadly, to no avail. Just make this stop. My little brother is watching TV. We'll get in touch in another day or two.

Refugees poured in from all over the country. Why did you make such a mistake? She had fun with it.